I'm Alyssa. I am a free-spirited copywriter and marketer with over 5 years of freelancing and professional experience. My nonfiction book, The Art of the Moonshot is slated for publishing in April 2021.


I love all things marketing, from strategic campaigns to copywriting and content creation. I enjoy working cross-functionally with teams of dynamic, motivated individuals.

While I originally hail from an amazing little mountain town in Montana, I have lived all over the globe and have a soft spot for warm and sunny climes. When I'm not climbing rocks or teaching yoga classes, I am writing. Voraciously. 



Last summer, I climbed the Grand Teton in Wyoming. Despite hail, lightning, and a few trips down the wrong path, my amateur mountaineer friends and I made it to the top and, to the relief of our mothers, back down.

My content creation and marketing strategies are similar to that journey: prepare, get your hands dirty, push the boundaries of what you believe you can do, analyze, and, of course, get a snazzy shot for the Instagram. 

Fostering meaningful connections with others is my specialty. With zen-like focus and a knack for savvy communication in the digital age, I approach obstacles with an ebullient vigor. 

My past experience includes freelance copywriting and marketing, managing marketing and social for a fast-growing fintech startup, reporting for newspapers, product management and strategy, researching for an economic development agency, and recently, writing a book. When I’m not working hard on an exciting project, I donate my time teaching free yoga or volunteering for organizations like TEDx.

No challenge is too large for me; no detail escapes my perlustration. I move fast, drive change, form lifelong connections with people, and induce laugther in any situation possible. If you didn’t notice the typo in "laughter" in the previous sentence, then you need me on your team.


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